With the release of the World Tour Collection, we caught up with Tunde Esho of Jungle Beam Studio in Dublin, Ireland and explains how his determination helped him archive his goals all while inspiring others.

Tell us a bit about you?

My name is Tunde ‘mixedbysimba’ Esho and I’m a studio engineer and owner of Jungle Beam Studio in Tallaght, Dublin.

How did you start off, and what was your inspiration?

I started off rapping in a rap group and we couldn’t afford times, so I ended up taking on the role of recording and mixing the songs we wrote. My inspiration back when i started was everything to do with music which included gospel, pop, and rap music.

What challenges did you face?

The challenges i faced came when I decided to stop rapping and focus solely on studio engineering. Finding a suitable location that suited a studio due to the noise and working hours, and also building up a genuine client list proved to be quite challenging.

How did you overcome those challenges?

By not giving up, and punctuality. When i was searching for space to move the studio into, I would spend weeks speaking on the phone to people who might be helpful, searching daily on daft, driving around to various industrial estates looking for signs and also speaking to the residents about the suitability of having a studio in the location. Also build up my client list, I found that it increased with time and experience so I decided to not to worry about it.

Describe your fashion style?

My style is quiet simple actually, I love wearing tracksuits, and my go to colour is which might be bit too much, but only recently that I started to diversify my wardrobe. If I think it would look nice, then I’m all over it.